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Mutual of Wausau Makes Community Donations (July 2020)

This week Mutual of Wausau and their affiliate partner Homestead Mutual donated $60,000 to local Food Pantries in 6 counties to help purchase Wisconsin farm products for those in need. Company President, Mark Splinter said “We were founded on the principal of “neighbor helping neighbor” so we are happy to be able to assist the army of volunteers and organizations that make our communities stronger. We recognize the challenges for our farmers and hope to support the demand for Wisconsin farm products”.


$10,000 to Marathon County Hunger Coalition                  Marathon

$10,000 to Peters Pantry of Manitowoc                              Manitowoc

$10,000 to Auburndale High School Dairy Drive                Wood

$10,000 to Antigo Food Pantry                                             Langlade

$10,000 to Clark County Food Pantry                                  Clark

$10,000 to Oshkosh Pantry                                                  Winnebago

Mutual of Wausau was created by local farmers and businessmen in 1875 to provide locally controlled, Mutual Insurance protection to Central Wisconsin.


Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce

2015 Small Business Of The Year

Mutual of Wausau is honored to be selected as the 2015 Small Business of the Year.  This award acknowledges local organizations’ business growth, community involvement[...]

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Policyholder Resources

As a policyholder of Mutual of Wausau, your interests in preserving your property and assets become our interests. We hope you will make good use of the information and resources we provide to help keep your families, properties and businesses safe. We will update these resources periodically, so check back often for valuable safety tips and new ways to prevent losses.


Your Agent has access to a computer program that can calculate the cost to replace your home in today’s market. We recommend that you contact your Agent on an annual basis (or immediately if you have completed any additions or remodeling), to make sure that your property is adequately insured.

Claims may be reported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Follow the link below to get started.

Please contact your Agent so that they may advise you on any changes you would like to make to your coverages. Your Agent contact information can be found on the top right corner of your insurance policy declarations page.

Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation sells insurance through our authorized independent agencies. To locate an agency in your area, go to Find An Agent and click on your County. A list of authorized agencies in your area will be provided.

At this time, Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation does not offer automobile insurance. However, many of our agencies represent auto insurance carriers that will offer a policy credit if you have your primary residence insured with Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation. Please check with your Agent for eligibility.

Fire Prevention

Fires are the most dangerous and costly for a homeowner. There are many types of fires that occur to a residence and most could be reduced by some regular yearly maintenance and awareness. Here are the most common fires and some checklist items that can help keep you safe.

Loss Prevention Chimney Fire

Prevent Chimney Fires:

____ Hire a professional to clean your chimney

____ Check for cracks in your chimney flue

____ Check for animals or critters in your chimney

____ Keep combustibles at least 5 feet from your unit

____ Only use hard treated wood for burning


Loss Prevention Electrical Fire

Prevent Electrical Fires

____ Replace or repair damaged or loose cords

____ Avoid overloading outlets, especially at Christmas time

____ If your fuse/breaker blows frequently have it inspected by a professional

____ Check all lamps to make sure they have the correct wattage bulb

____ Make sure your home has GFI’s in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and basement



Loss Prevention Dryer Fire

Prevent Dryer Fires

___ Clean the lint filter before each cycle

___ Inspect the duct to make sure it is not damaged or pinched

___ Make sure outside vent is open when dryer is running and not clogged

___ Replace coiled wire foil or plastic venting with a rigid, non-ribbed metal duct

___ Have gas powered dryers professionally inspect annually to verify there are no leaks

Water Loss Prevention

There are many ways that water can cause damage to your home, however they are mostly preventable with a few simple maintenance tips, and a little self-awareness.

Loss Prevention Plumbing Loss

Prevent Plumbing Loss

___ Check all faucets and sinks for leaking above and beneath

___ Check supply lines and toilets for any leaking

___ Check all pipes for corrosion or leaking, replace if any found

___ Inspect basement or crawlspace for any water or leaking pipes

___ Inspect all drains to make sure they are operating properly

___ Check your water bill for access charge as it could be an indicator of a leak

___ Check sump pump yearly to make sure it is working properly

___ Install a battery backup or alarm on your sump pump


Loss Prevention Frozen Pipes

Prevent Frozen Pipes

____ Maintain heat in your home at a minimum of 60 degrees

____ Check for drafts coming in to home through windows, doors or walls

____ Turn of all water supply to sections of the home not in use

____ Leaving for more than 24 hours, turn off the shut off valve

____ Vacation or seasonal homes should always have the water turned off and drained

____ Insulate all pipes located on an outside wall

____ Cover all outside faucets with an insulated cup

Exterior Maintenance


Owning a home is the American Dream. Here are some important maintenance tips to help you keep your home a dream, and not a nightmare!


Loss Prevention Roofs


____ Check roof for excessive wear or missing shingles, and replace any missing shingles

____ Inspect roof for damaged metals or missing chimney or furnace flue caps

____ Inspect for proper ventilation to your roof across the entire roof surface

____ Remove all snow with a roof rake along all edges of the roof line


Loss Prevention Gutter Debris


____ Keep gutters free and clear of all debris

____ Keep down spouts at least 5’ away from the property

____ Caulk all doors and windows that look to be worn or exposed

____ Check for missing or damaged siding

____ Keep all valuables in a locked building.

____ Trim and maintain all shrubs and landscaping

Home Inventory

Nobody wants to have a claim, but unfortunately they happen. Home inventories help  you to be prepared if the unlikely event occurs.

Home inventories:

___ Photograph each room of your home

___ Video tape each room of your home

___ Write down and track all valuables that you have. Keep receipts in a safe place

___ Update your list yearly or when any big purchases occur

___ Record all appliances makes and model numbers

Rollover Protective Structure – ROPS

We want to help you to make your farm safer, and are joining forces with the National Farm Medicine Center to enhance their ROPS Rebate Program.

ROPS Website

How the ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) Rebate Program Works:

The National Farm Medicine Center ROPS Rebate Program will rebate 70% of the cost of purchasing and installing the ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) up to $865 maximum rebate. This includes the cost of the ROPS (rollbar, ROPS with awning or ROPS cab), shipping, and installation charges.

Mutual of Wausau will cover the additional 30% cost, up to $350.

Apply on-line or call the ROPS Rebate Hotline (1-877-ROPS-R4U or 1-877-767-7748) for registration and pre-approval. You must be a resident of WI and the ROPS must be SAE certified and professionally installed. There are no other qualifying conditions. Pre-approval is required only to ensure that funding is available for the rebates. Rebates are available on a first come first served basis.

Only one tractor per farm can be rebated during a program year.

ROPS Rebate Program staff will research the type of equipment needed, provide estimated costs as well as sources for purchasing ROPS and send this information to you. You may order the ROPS from whichever source you choose.