Mutual of Wausau

The mutual idea is still a good idea.

In the 1870s across Wisconsin, farmers and business owners organized town mutual insurance companies to protect each other from financial loss if their farms, businesses, or homes were lost due to fire. The key goals of the mutuals were to maintain local control, provide excellent service and keep rates affordable. Today, that mutual way of taking care of each other is still alive at Mutual of Wausau Insurance Corporation. Our primary interest is not increasing profits but protecting your homes, farms and businesses—just like it was with our founders. In fact, we like to say, “We have a mutual interest…you.”

Patriot of the Year

Mutual of Wausau was honored to receive the 2016 Patriot Business of the Year Award from the Wausau American Legion Post 10.

Church Mutual Partners with Mutual of Wausau

Church Mutual Insurance Co. will transfer its homeowners’ insurance business to Mutual of Wausau as part of a new partnership, the companies announced Friday.

Under the partnership, Mutual of Wausau will be the homeowners’ insurance carrier and Church Mutual, through its CM Solutions Insurance Agency, will provide day-to-day service as the agent.

Church Mutual, headquartered in Merrill, is a specialty commercial insurance provider with an emphasis on churches, schools, religious camps and senior living centers. The new agreement will affect Church Mutual’s 1,900 homeowners’ insurance customers.

“Church Mutual’s focus and expertise as a commercial carrier does not provide the right resources to continue servicing our homeowners’ insurance customers as their carrier and we plan to exit the business,” Kevin Root, Church Mutual’s chief operating officer, said in a news release. “We looked for an opportunity that would allow CM Solutions to remain the local insurance agent for these loyal customers.”

Church Mutual is notifying customers in the first weeks of June about the partnership and transition, according to the news release.

Denise Humphrey, a CM Solutions account specialist, will continue as the primary CM Solutions insurance agent.

Mutual of Wausau was founded in 1875 and 1876 as Berlin Farmers Mutual and Stettin Mutual, respectively, and specializes in homeowners’ and farmers’ insurance.

Mutual of Wausau is excited about our new partnership, and is looking forward to growing with CM Solutions.

Source Wausau Daily Herald