Insurance Protection for Your Seasonal or Rental Dwelling

Our Dwelling program provides coverage for your owner or tenant-occupied dwelling.  Optional coverages include, but not limited to, related private structures, personal property, additional living costs/loss of rents, and liability coverage.

Coverage & Benefits

Residence – The dwelling used as a seasonal residence, or that is rented to others.
Replacement Cost Terms – Claim settlement for the dwelling at replacement cost up to the policy limit. Not available on all dwelling policies.
Fire Department Service Charge – Charges incurred due to fire departments called to protect your property.

Added Perils for Refrigerated Food Products – Payment for direct loss to covered property stored in a freezer or refrigerator due to loss of power in owner-occupied dwelling.
Dwelling under Construction – Theft and collapse coverage while your new seasonal or rental home is being built.
Inflation Guard – Automatically increases your dwelling limit to protect against increased building costs.
Liability/Medical Payments – Provides defense and coverage for injury or damage in which you are liable.
Loss of Rents – Coverage for expenses you incur if you cannot rent the dwelling after a covered loss.
Modified Replacement – Replacement coverage for partial losses when the dwelling is insured for less than 80% of the replacement value.
Ordinance or Law – Covers increased building costs due to changes in an ordinance or law.
Personal Property – Protection for your personal belongings.
Related Private Structures – Covers detached structures on the insured premises.
Replacement Cost – Personal Property – Claim settlement for personal property on a replacement cost basis in owner-occupied dwellings.
Theft Coverage – Provides theft coverage for personal property from an owner-occupied dwelling.
Tree Removal – For fallen trees due to wind.
Water Back Up and Sump Discharge or Overflow – For water damage that backs up through your sewer, drains, or sump pump for owner occupied dwellings.

New Home – Under 20 years of age.
Mortgage Free – Property without a mortgage or lienholder.

Additional Products


Coverage for the older but above-average home with complete updates to the structure including coverage for your residence, contents, and liability.


Coverage for the newer and above-average farm including coverage for your residence, Contents, Farm Outbuildings, Farm Personal Property, and Liability.


Extra liability protection in addition to your homeowners, automobile, and other personal liability policies. Includes coverage for defense expenses for a liability claim that may or may not result in legal action.