Mutual of Wausau


Insurance Protection for Your Seasonal or Rental Dwelling.


Included Coverage:

Residence – The dwelling used as a seasonal residence, or that is rented to others.
Replacement Cost Terms – Claim settlement for the dwelling at replacement cost up to the policy limit. Not available on all dwelling policies.
Fire Department Service Charge – Charges incurred due to fire departments called to protect your property.

Optional Coverage:

Added Perils for Refrigerated Food Products – Payment for direct loss to covered property stored in a freezer or refrigerator due to loss of power in owner-occupied dwelling.
Dwelling under Construction – Theft and collapse coverage while your new seasonal or rental home is being built.
Inflation Guard – Automatically increases your dwelling limit to protect against increased building costs.
Liability/Medical Payments – Provides defense and coverage for injury or damage in which you are liable.
Loss of Rents – Coverage for expenses you incur if you cannot rent the dwelling after a covered loss.
Modified Replacement – Replacement coverage for partial losses when the dwelling is insured for less than 80% of the replacement value.
Ordinance or Law – Covers increased building costs due to changes in an ordinance or law.
Personal Property – Protection for your personal belongings.
Related Private Structures – Covers detached structures on the insured premises.
Replacement Cost – Personal Property – Claim settlement for personal property on a replacement cost basis in owner-occupied dwellings.
Theft Coverage – Provides theft coverage for personal property from an owner-occupied dwelling.
Tree Removal – For fallen trees due to wind.
Water Back Up and Sump Discharge or Overflow – For water damage that backs up through your sewer, drains, or sump pump for owner occupied dwellings.

Available Discounts:

New Home – Under 20 years of age.
Mortgage Free – Property without a mortgage or lienholder.