Water Loss Prevention

Water Loss Prevention

Prevent Water Damage

There are many ways that water can cause damage to your home, however, they are mostly preventable with a few simple maintenance tips, and a little self-awareness.

Prevent Plumbing Loss:

  • Check all faucets and sinks for leaking above and beneath
  • Check supply lines and toilets for any leaking
  • Check all pipes for corrosion or leaking, replace if any found
  • Inspect basement or crawlspace for any water or leaking pipes
  • Inspect all drains to make sure they are operating properly
  • Check your water bill for access charge as it could be an indicator of a leak
  • Check the sump pump yearly to make sure it is working properly
  • Install a battery backup or alarm on your sump pump

Prevent Frozen Pipes:

  • Maintain heat in your home at a minimum of 60 degrees
  • Check for drafts coming into the home through windows, doors, or walls
  • Turn off all water supply to sections of the home, not in use
  • Leaving for more than 24 hours, turn off the shut-off valve
  • Vacation or seasonal homes should always have the water turned off and drained
  • Insulate all pipes located on an outside wall
  • Cover all outside faucets with an insulated cup